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Therapy Chats are real-time meetings, with the therapist and client, typing back and forth, discussing issues, as they would in face to face meetings.

While some people prefer to Chat privately, others might prefer the solitude and timing of e-Therapy more. Chat time can be combined with e-Therapy, and can be used for times when you want immediate feedback. You are able to ask and receive information at one meeting, rather than having to wait. The cost for Therapy Chat is $70 for One Hour of time, and can include cam if you prefer.

Therapy Chat can be scheduled after one
or more sessions of e-Therapy. It is important that the therapist has had time to read your questionnaire, and for you to receive information about the therapist's background before beginning. Of course we can make exceptions, if you want a TherapyChat for your first session, we will arrange this after we receive your questionnaire and you let us know when you would like to meet.

How do we meet to have a TherapyChat?
There are several ways you can meet with your therapist. Depending on your computer system, we can use:

AOL Messenger Chat
Google Hangouts
ICQ Chat
Yahoo! Messenger

We'd be happy to explore other communication services if you have another preference. Your therapist will meet you at the appointed time, by locating you at the pre-arranged meeting place.

Just as with the e-Therapy, TherapyChat time is prepaid through the charge link on this site. Chats are Scheduled in 60 minute increments or longer, and are available after one email session.







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