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*Feeling Invaded
*Job Conflict
*Self Esteem
*Being Discounted
*Children's Behavior
*Chronic Illnesses
*Dependency Issues
*Family Conflict
*Fear of Intimacy
*Feeling "Stuck"
*Feeling Helpless
*Feeling Stupid
*Financial Stress
*Homosexual Feelings
*Loss of Love
*Sleep Problems
*Spiritual Conflicts
*Fear of Asking for a Raise
*Fear of Expressing Feelings
*Fear of Initiating a Relationship
*Fear of Public Speaking
*Feeling Bored in a Marriage
*Feeling Odd or Different
*Feeling Unworthy of Love
*Feelings of Inadequacy
*Inability to Find Joy
*Intrusive Thinking Patterns
*Negative Reactions to People
*Overeating/Not Eating
*Problems with Coworkers
*Resistance to Making Changes

If we failed to list a subject you would like to talk about, and with which you need help, it has probably been an oversight on our part.  In therapy you can talk about any issue which concerns you.  There are no subjects which can not be discussed. 

Therapists can help with questions you have not been able to ask friends or family because of privacy issues, or because family members may have been directly involved in what is causing the problem.

After all, it would be hard to talk to your parents about an adult problem which stems from the way you were treated growing up.

It is difficult sometimes to put words to the feelings you carry. You may just feel "bad" but can't describe why.

Your therapist is trained to help you identify these feelings, their source, and help you develop skills to change them.











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