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Most therapists and clients work well together. The therapeutic experience is a close relationship between people with a shared concern. Therapists value the trust a client places in them, and they handle that trust with the utmost respect and care.

Sometimes clients find that they prefer to work with a male therapist or a female therapist, just as a personal preference.

Occasionally, people have a very negative reaction about working with either same sex or opposite sex, depending on a particular issue they want to discuss. In the case of abuse issues, gender may play an important role. We sometimes receive a specific request to work with a therapist to help improve communication with men or women. This can always be made available to you.

Just as you get along with some people better than others, you might have this same experience with your therapist. If, after a session or two, you feel that you are not working well with a particular therapist, it is always fine to change. You need to feel that you are understood and you are working with someone you trust and who you will allow to help you.

Making a change will never hurt your therapist's feelings. They know that sometimes there is not a good "fit" between two people. They will help you find another therapist and they will want you to be comfortable and successful.

Discuss your needs with your therapist, and they will help. We are working for you and the entire staff feels this way. Your therapist may even ask if you would like to change, if they see that the communication is not easy, or if they feel that someone else could serve you better. This would only be done after the therapist talks it over with you, and you agree that you would like a change.





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