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Chat Therapy Sessions are in 30 minute segments. Some people choose to have two or three segments, for a total of one hour or 1.5 hours depending on the time needed to discuss their current concerns.

e-Therapy sessions are set up in 30 minute segments of reading and responding. Your Therapist will mark the beginning and ending time, and mark any portion that could not be addressed in the 30 minute time frame. You may choose to have your therapist continue with the additional material you wrote, or to save it for the next session.

Some people bring up multiple issues in one writing
and not everything can be read, assessed and responded to in 30 minutes. If you have written more, please let your therapist know if you want them to work for an hour, or more, if you have written about multiple issues.

Internet Therapy rates, for an hour, are about 1/2
of those charged for face to face office work, so using more time is still very cost effective. Additionally, you can read, reflect, and respond on your own time, without being "on the clock" as you are in the therapist's office.

Again, your therapist will log the beginning time they start,
and ending time they stop, with the work on your therapy session. They will limit the work to 30 minutes the first time, so that after the first few sessions, you will be able to see what can be addressed in each 30 minute segment.

Your therapist will sometimes ask you to do *homework*
and send notes when the task is completed. This does not usually get scheduled as a session, unless it is very comprehensive, and requires processing of the material.

Changes take some time, so be patient with yourself
and don't get overwhelmed by addressing too much during each session.











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