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If you have read about e-therapy and Privacy, and you are ready to begin, the fee for your beginning assessment and session(s) is:

Cost for a 30 Minute e-Therapy Session for $35.00 (Additional sessions listed at a reduced cost).  Please read the steps below, so you will know how it works.

First click on the link to go to either the Click Bank Secure Charge System or PayPal. We receive a copy of your payment at the time you make a charge. Click here to charge your sessions:

NEW - Fast Counseling Call
Shorten the process - have a phone session when we are available and pay by phone.  30 minutes at $60    Click Here to see if we are available now.

Telephone Coaching Sessions 60 Minutes by appointment with Your Therapist
ClickBank 1 Hour Phone Coaching  @ $100 PayPal 1 Hour Phone Coaching
ClickBank 2 Hours Phone Coaching @ $92 PayPal 2 Hours Phone Coaching

ClickBank - 1 Session @ $35 for 30 Minutes PayPal - 1 Session
ClickBank - 3 Sessions @ $33 for 30 Minutes PayPal - 3 Sessions
ClickBank - 4 Sessions @ $32 for 30 Minutes PayPal - 4 Sessions
ClickBank - 6 Sessions @ $30 for 30 Minutes PayPal - 6 Sessions
ClickBank - 8 Sessions @ $28 for 30 Minutes PayPal - 8 Sessions

Chat/Instant Messenger
ClickBank - 1 Hour Chat @ $70 for 60 Minutes PayPal - 1 Hour Chat
ClickBank - 3 Hour Chat @ $65 for 60 Minutes PayPal - 3 Hour Chat
Clickbank Link Coming Soon! @ 62.50 each PayPal 6 One Hour Chats

*Session time added to your account is good for up to 3 months.

Next you will be taken to a "Thank You" page which will have a link to fill out your initial questionnaire form. Complete your questionnaire which has room to write about the problem you are experiencing, and to ask the questions you have about the problem. If for any reason you aren't directed to the questionnaire please come back to this page and use this link for the Questionnaire.

The therapist who will be working with you will let you know they have received your session. By return e-mail, your therapist will write to tell you all about them, give their credentials and their background. They will also send you some security information. You can always expect an answer within 30 hours, so please let us know if you have not received a response by writing to

After your first session, you may write whenever you are ready to respond to your therapist's questions and add more information you want discussed. There is no particular timing, it could be the next day, several days, or even a week. Whatever fits your own schedule is fine with the e-TherapyHelper staff.

For Continuing Sessions
You can "reply" directly to your therapist's email address for any continuing sessions. The balance of remaining sessions will always be shown in the subject line of each response from your therapist.

If you see that you have one session remaining, and wish to pre-pay additional sessions there is a three session link on the home page which takes you directly to the ClickBank Secure System. The link says Returning Clients. If you have any questions or would like to change therapists (see "changing therapists") please let us know by emailing

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