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Michael A. Robinson, R.N., LBSW
State Board Licensed Social Worker LBSW

State Board Registered Nurse RN
Degree: B.A. Psychology and B.S. Law
Certified Trauma Resolution CTR and Medical/Analytical Hypnosis CMH

Michael Robinson is a Board Certified Registered Nurse, who specializes in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, including trauma, relationships, weight related issues, learning to feel confident about yourself and your decisions and understanding the effect of unconscious processes and their effect on your emotions and behavior.

Michael uses and teaches Analytical Hypnotherapy and develops text-based scripts and metaphors to guide individuals into more productive states of awareness. He is APMHA Certified in Medical/Analytical Hypnotherapy and in Trauma Resolution.

Specialties: Imago Therapy, which identifies patterns of living formed from childhood and which effect current perceptions. Adlerian approach which promotes self discovery, independent decision-making, and improved self esteem and self worth. Text-based imagery and hypnosis techniques can be used when indicated by the type of problems for which this approach could be effective. Weight loss and habit changes are a particular interest.

Experience: Social Work 18 years post license, Registered Nurse working in Behavioral Health (Psych), and has worked in Mental Health Services for  25 years. He graduated with a B.S. degree in Law, a B.A. degree in Psychology, and an ADN in Nursing.  Michael has been a mental health syndicated columnist, and uses treatment to teach people their own value and the wisdom of their own good decisions.  He uses hypnosis to assist in providing alternatives through work with unconscious processes when people are having a difficulty with current negative perceptions. He believes all life is a growth experience, within which self respect, love and happiness can be found.

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