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   Nancy Tice, MD
State Board Licensed Psychiatrist

I am Dr. Nancy Tice, a psychiatrist in New York, who, for seventeen years, has specialized in helping people via online psychotherapy, e-mail and/or chat correspondence, phone consultations and in person individual psychotherapy. My specialties are extensive: anxiety, depression,   shyness/phobias/fears, marital issues (including the many varieties that take the form of physical and emotional abuse) chronic illness, and the entire spectrum of eating disorders. Although I have expertise in psychopharmacology (traditional therapeutic medicine), I am equally knowledgeable as well as a proponent of  natural approaches to mood improvement.

Additionally, many people need help caring for someone who is ill. Often caregivers neglect their own needs. Caregivers must learn to be good to themselves (without guilt) and not just do for others.

Some patients need help understanding deep hurts so that they can truly and finally forgive and move on with their lives. I believe there is a difference between coping vs. thriving. Coping is needed at times, such as a band aid is needed to protect a cut. Thriving means more than coping. It means not just making do, but in fact, enhancing our lives and making them the best they can be.

Whatever your concerns are, I am sure I can be of help. In addition to above, I have worked on ten medical web sites offering medical information and support. As an example, I maintained the position as the only doctor on For twenty years, I've authored over 38 cutting-edge mental health (and related technology) articles in major publications, online and hard copy.

People have asked me why I chose this kind of work and why I would want to listen to peoples' stories. Why do I make myself so available? My answer is that I have always been intuitive, sensitive and interested in the lives and feeling of others because I had a very difficult and painful start to my own life. I was fortunate to find someone who helped me and who showed me how powerful and life-changing a good therapist can be. Regardless of your problem(s), I never judge. That is not a therapist's job.

From a patient who chooses to remain anonymous, "After seeing three therapists, I had enough. I was convinced nobody could help me. If it wasn't for my best friend who insisted that I talk with Nancy, I wouldn't be who I am today. Nancy is warm, kind and treated me like an equal, compared to the therapists I saw. Now I'm happy! For the very first time in my life!" 

I am also willing and able to address any medically related psychopharmacology concerns you might have as long and it is understood that is it is informational only and that I cannot prescribe medication online.

My hours are flexible and are not pre-set, so it's best to e-mail me. Whatever your concerns are, I am sure I can be of help. I look forward to hearing from you.  

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