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About the Privacy of your therapy work on the Internet
There is no "total security" when working over the internet. Encryption programs are not totally secure for e-mail, and they also make it difficult and cumbersome to use.

Employees at an internet server company (ISP) could possibly "snoop" to look at the therapy session dialogue, but with billions of pieces of mail on the internet daily, looking at someone's mail usually holds no interest or value to these employee. Most ISP companies have a policy that employees are not authorized to even look. Our ISP has responded to our concerns that employees do not have access to records, so you can consider your email safe.

The biggest danger of security is on your own computer. Even before the internet, when therapy assignments would be typed on a computer, other family members might have found a copy of the notes. You might want to "delete" material from your computer, and only keep printed notes in a secure place, if this might be a concern in your household. Even after deleting files on your computer, there are storage other storage places on your computer which retain copies of the deleted files.

If you are not aware of how this happens, check with someone knowledgeable about computers, and have them show you the "cache" files and also the "history" files on your directory. Always think about "what could happen" if others, who have access to your computer, might see copies of your work. You therapy work should never be conducted at your workplace. This could lead to loss of your job, and a breech in the confidentiality of your private communications with your therapist.

By Law Therapists are required to notify
the appropriate authorities in cases where we learn about child abuse or about threats to do harm to another person or yourself. These authorities can be the Child Protective Services or your local police department.

In the cases of threats to do harm to yourself, please know that we will attempt to get you aid because you are not thinking rationally at that time, if you want to do self harm or injury. It is not only our obligation, but out of concern and love that we will be taking all appropriate actions to help you, or any children who may be involved.




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