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It is not usually considered "good form" to give testimonials about psychotherapeutic treatment. But because of the newness of e-Therapy, many clients can not ask their friends or relatives about their experiences. For informational purposes, we have printed parts of some comments actually from people who have participated in therapy through our websites at and

These comments are not labeled or attributed to the individuals who made them, to protect their privacy. Although some people have offered to give "testimonials" after completing their work with us, this is never allowed by therapists who are licensed. Please accept these anonymous and unsolicited comments in the spirit they are offered, to share some of their feelings with others.

Comments from those who have tried eTherapy for help with resolving problems in their lives...

  • I have never been to "regular" therapy, and I don't know that I would have ever gone. I think I would have been too embarrassed to tell someone what I needed help with. I am so glad now that I got to work with ____ and to learn to see myself in a much different way.

  • Thank you for being on the other end of my reach when I was feeling pretty desperate. My work at the ______ would not have been too safe if anyone knew I was going to a shrink. Now I think everyone needs it!

  • I had no one after _____ left. I was lost and just didn't feel like I could keep going. Counseling was my life line for many months until it started to actually become fun. That sounds strange, but I'll miss it when I'm done… It's made me feel like I must have been in some kind of fog or la la land before. Things are so much better now, I don't feel like the same person I was last January.

  • My sister told me I should get help...I heard this for years. I didn't know what bad things were going to come out, or why I was afraid, but I wish I would have listened a long time ago. I'm hard headed (my issue), but I'm learning that my stubbornness is also one of my greatest assets. It's probably going to keep me in school this time...

  • I know this is your work, and it's your job to help, but you have really made me feel like you care about my life. It's been like having the "good parent" God forgot to give me.

  • Thank you for understanding that I didn't get along with _____and that you both suggested I change therapists. I don't think that I work very well with women because of...and I'm glad you made it easier and didn't get angry.

  • …so in my mind I only did it to keep my wife off my case. I can't believe I found out I really had a bigger problem than I knew. I feel pretty dumb, but I know I'm not going to dwell on the parts I had no control over. Best thing for me was that you showed me that saying I'm sorry didn't have to mean I was a loser. Sometimes we read your sage advice together. She always says "I tried to tell you that!" I don't know why I finally heard the message from you.

If you think you have any time to waste being unhappy... Take a look at the average time you have left.


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